New Weather Site for India

If you are tired of guessing whether it will rain today or not; whether it is worth wearing a hat in the morning or it is warm enough outside, then get ready to use the new weather forecast website. We present a fresh high-quality portal that will alert you about rain, low temperatures, strong winds, or hot sun in advance.

We have created a website that shows the weather in every city across India, and right now we invite you to find out the weather for today.

Using the site is as simple as possible, so we want you to get acquainted with the most important tools for enjoying its easy navigation. The first thing you need to do is select the city where you want to find out the weather for today. It can be any city within India, from Delhi to Kochi. After you specify the city you need, you can view the weather forecast for each day displayed in tabs. On our website, the weather is usually shown a week in advance. Therefore, just select the day that interests you in order to see what the weather will be on that day.

Moreover, you can check the weather for tomorrow at a specific time. The timeframe for which the weather in India is indicated is divided into four periods — night, morning, afternoon, and evening. Accordingly, you can find out what the weather is going to be like at the beginning of the day and what temperature is waiting for you by its end. Now, you will know what clothes to wear in the morning and whether it is worth taking a warm jacket for an evening walk.

Our service will warn you when the temperature drops. However, if you do not trust thermometers, then you can see how the temperature actually feels — it is also specified on the website taking into consideration other atmospheric effects. In addition to temperature, we show you the percentage of humidity, wind speed and direction, probability of precipitation, as well as barometric pressure.

For more accurate information about the weather conditions in your city, you can find out at what time the sun rises and sets. Every day, the information about the hour of sunrise and sunset is updated, so you will always be aware of when the day will exactly break or when it will start getting dark.

We also write a few words about what the weather will be like during the day. Therefore, if you do not have a lot of time for screening the figures, you can simply view our weather summary at the end of each table.

Moreover, the site offers to see the weather in India not only 7 days ahead, but also 10 days and even a month. Just click on a corresponding icon to get any forecast required. If you are interested in the weather in a small town that is not displayed when typed in the search box, don’t be upset. You can open a map and explore the weather near big cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, or Surat and find out what kind of weather will be in your area.

Our service gives more than ordinary weather forecasts! Now you can find out the weather in the vastness of the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. This gives a great advantage to sailors and fishing enthusiasts. Interested in the weather on the roads? No problem, we will provide you with accurate and up-to-date information! Need mountain weather for your upcoming hike? Already on the site! All the necessary weather reports for the inhabitants of India and tourists coming to the country are collected here.